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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Doomsday Duds -- 8 Armageddon Predictions Proven Wrong

Countless people have predicted countless end-of-the-world scenarios -- and the planet's still here, fortunately. We look back at some of the wackiest forecasts.
God Will Be Televised
Hon-Ming Chen founded this new religious movement -- a mix of Buddhism, Taoism, and UFOlogy -- and brought it to the U.S. in the early 90s, registering the group under the name God's Salvation Church. 160 members strong, the group set up shop in Garland, Texas in 1997, and predicted that at 12:01 a.m. on March 31, 1998, God would show himself on a single TV channel across North America and save his followers from the doomed planet Earth.
When the predicted appearance didn't happen, the group quickly became confused. Chen reportedly offered himself to be stoned or crucified as a concession but no one obliged him. The group fell apart soon afterward with many of the members returning to Taiwan.
Source: 20th Century Fox
The World Will Cease to Exist
Known as "The Amazing Criswell," Charles Criswell King was a flamboyant radio and TV broadcaster who decided to become a psychic. In March 1963, he correctly announced that John F Kennedy wouldn't run for re-election in 1964 because "something was going to happen to him."
According to Criswell in 1968, the world would to cease to exist from August 18, 1999. But here we are. Go figure.
Source: Oliver Kurmis
The Rapture Cometh -- in the 80s
Former NASA engineer and bible student Edgar C. Whisenant predicted that the Rapture, the return of Christ and the end of the world, would occur in 1988. He went on to sell four and a half million copies of his book, "
Televangelists were so taken by Whisenant that many started airing tips on how to prepare for the Rapture as they neared 1988. After 1988 passed without incident, Whisenant went on to recalculate his prediction to1989, 1993, and even 1994, writing books for each year. Sales were weak.
Source: Wikipedia
The UFO Will Save Us
Heaven's Gate was an UFO-centered cult based in San Diego, led by Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles. The group believed that the Earth was about to be "recycled," and the only chance for human survival was to escape on a UFO trailing the Haley-Bopp Comet.
On March 26, 1997, in a period when Hale-Bopp was at its brightest, the bodies of 39 members of the group were discovered by police, after committing suicide. At this point, the Earth has yet to be "recycled."
Source: Heaven's Gate
Computer Bugs Will Doom Us
The year 2000 was perfect symbolic fodder for would-be prophets -- but one prediction of millennial disaster was rooted not in mysticism but rather a confounding computer bug. 
The Y2K problem resulted from the practice of abbreviating four-digit years to two digits meaning that when the "...97, 98, 99, 00..." ascending numbers suddenly became invalid, worldwide computer failures would ensue. Very little actually happened, but whether this was the result of preparation or because the problem was less severe than predicted may never be known.
Source: Wikipedia
The End Is Near -- Just Not in 1844
William Miller was a prosperous Baptist farmer who became infatuated with prophetic symbolism eventually leading him to boldly predict the second coming of Christ -- and the beginning of the end. Initially ambiguous over the exact date, he started to focus on 1844 and soon gained a large following of believers known as Millerites.
What occurred instead in 1844 was known as the "Great Disappointment." With no appearance from Christ, Millerites were left disenchanted and confused.
The Sun Will Explode -- Not
In 1919, meteorologist Albert Porta predicted that the alignment of six planets would generate such a significant magnetic current that the sun would explode and subsequently engulf the Earth on December 17 of that year. Miraculously, mankind avoided this doomsday destiny.
Source: NASA
Did He See the End?
Legendary French seer Nostradamus was noted for allegedly predicting such events as the rise of Hitler, the Great Fire of London, the death of Princess Diana and even the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Nostradamus also wrote that in "1999 and seven months . . . from the sky will come the great king of terror." 
Perhaps it rained that day. But the end didn't come as predicted.
...But Maybe THIS One Is Right
Adored by conspiracy theorists, the Mayan calendar abruptly ends December 2012, at which point some predict a series of cataclysmic or transformative events will occur, many of these apocalyptic. It's been a popular date in media and entertainment, stories and movies that illustrate massive solar stormsmagnetic pole reversals, earthquakes, supervolcanoes and other drastic natural events.
For all we know, this one could be true. But it's probably not .... right?
Source: Columbia Pictures

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crocodile Attack on Elephant

And here again the crocodile attacked the elephants. Of course, this is another crocodile and the other elephants, and this time he attacked the adult elephant, which tried to protect the baby elephant. More images after the break...

How to make the roads in Holland

Tiger-Stone is a Dutch paver laying machine that can produce brick roads. Paving bricks are put onto the angled plain. As the electric crawler moves forward along a sand base layer, all the stones are packed together by gravity. More images after the break...

Blue River - Petermann Glacier

Petermann - the largest floating glacier in the Northern Hemisphere, located in north-western Greenland. Petermann - glacier, forming icebergs. Glacier joins the Greenland ice sheet with the Arctic Ocean. Floating ice tongue has a width of 15 km and 70 km long, whose thickness varies from about 600 m at the base and about 30-80 meters on the edge. More images after the break...

Supposedly, according to rough estimates, approximately 80% of the mass of the glacier are melted water.
Expedition Greenpeace found that as soon as glaciers have lost up to 100 square meters. kilometers of iceThis amount is sufficient, to 10 years to supply water, a city like Sydney, which has a population estimated in 2006 was approximately 4.28 million.( via -

Smartest Man in China

With nine educational diplomas under his belt, Zhou Baokuan can definitely claim the title of “smartest man in China.” When it comes to education, we all want the best for our kids, but I think Zhou Baokuan’s parents might have pushed him a little to far, when he was a child. I mean, the man started studying and even though he is now 53 years old, he has no intention of stopping. More images after the break...

In recognition of his incredible desire to study, an organization known as China World Records Association decided to award Zhou the title of “man with most diplomas in the world.” Over the course of 35 years of intense studying (sometimes without sleep) the man earned a total of nine diplomas, including three doctoral diplomas and two masters degrees. Zhou, a resident of Shenyang City, admits it wasn’t easy getting this many diplomas, and reckons he spent around 126,500 hours studying for them. Believe it or not, Zhou Baokuan is currently studying to get his fourth doctoral degree, at Fudan University.

Rome Hotel Built of Beach Garbage

Rome is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with unforgettable architecture and an atmosphere that can’t be found anywhere else. Lately, though, it’s become a real dump. German artist Ha Schult constructed a temporary hotel in the city to highlight the sad state of Europe’s beaches. The hotel, part of Corona’s Save the Beach campaign, is constructed of garbage collected from the shoreline. More after the break...

The five-room hotel contains roughly 12 tons of garbage, including fishing nets, plastic bags, skateboards, clothing, old tires, and even a mannequin’s leg. The guest rooms are very simple and basic, with leaking roofs and torn sheets acting as curtains, but they do boast real furniture. The toilets are eco-friendly chemical commodes, and forget about washing off the day’s grime in this hotel: there are no showers.
The project is meant to show that, unless we make some major changes to the way we treat the world’s beaches, we will one day be surrounded by garbage wherever we go. In the words of Schult, “we create rubbish and we become rubbish. We must change the world before the world changes us.”
One of the first guests in the unusual hotel was supermodel-turned-environmental activist Helena Christensen. She is probably more used to spending her nights in luxurious surroundings, but decided to spend the night in the garbage hotel to raise awareness of the sad state of European beaches. She reportedly had a pleasant night conversing with the other guests…despite being surrounded by refuse.
The Corona Save the Beach hotel was displayed in Rome until June 7, and is expected to be recreated in various other cities throughout the summer. The campaign promises to clean up at least one European beach per year, with the winning beaches being chosen by internet votes.

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