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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Architecture reimagined in greener future of London:

Tower Bridge with fishing boat, airships and flamingos
Airships float over Tower Bridge, past a fishing boat and flamingos on the Thames. This is one of the images from architecture photographer Andy Spain's Ecocities project, in which he imagines an ideal greener future London. In this gallery, we look at two of his projects: Ecocities and Concrete. One looks at the potential for a better environment for London as a future ecocity and the other looks at brutalist architecture, evidence of what was once considered architecture for a better future 

The Swiss Re building, affectionately known as The Gherkin, covered in grass
Andy says: "I use some of my commissioned work and some of my personal work and combine this with imagery from stock libraries to produce my own version of an imagined future for London... 

St Paul's Cathedral at night with a building site and a wind turbine
"Sometimes the intervention in the image is subtle (viewers aren’t sure if the giant wind turbine by the heritage site of St Paul’s really exists)... 

Battersea Power Station reimagined as a renewable energy wind farm
"...and other times it is more obvious (there aren’t too many flamingos and elephants along the Thames!)" 

Offices in London clad in grass
Andy Spain is an architectural photographer who works across the UK photographing buildings for architects and others in the building sector. He has a Masters Degree in Photography and is a member of the Association of Photographers
Offices in London clad in grass

A concrete office block off the Strand
A concrete office block off the Strand 

Sheep graze in a park next to a grass-covered Tate Modern
"My main motivation is to produce a positive outlook. All too often we look at environmental destruction as Armageddon for the world and solutions are seen as cutting back, stopping and going back in time rather than embraced as a potential for a more positive future. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in architecture and planning. Planning this new world is of incredible importance and designing new ways to live within it equally so," he says
Sheep graze in a park next to a grass-covered Tate Modern

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