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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Top 10 British hairstyles for a special occasion

Glamorous British hairstyles
You're all frocked up and your rosy red pout looks perfect, but no British special occasion outfit is complete without a beautiful barnet. A study by Yale University revealed that new acquaintances judge your character on your hairdo within the first three seconds of meeting you — no pressure then! We've got the lowdown on the top hairstyles loved by British beauties that radiate charisma, from the demure Duchess of Cambridge to the feminine and feisty late Amy Winehouse.

British hairstyle 1: Bold beehive
The beehive was a big look during the 1960s and was popularised by American girl group, The Ronettes. More recently, the late great Amy Winehouse was renowned for her big black beehive, which was an integral part of her image. Standing at an impressive five inches tall, Ms Winehouse apparently loved the classic pin-up hairdo because of its ability to give such height.  The beehive hairstyle certainly adds a touch of volume for any special occasion.
British hairstyle 2: Loose waves
The loose waves hairstyle is a firm favourite among the Brits. Even the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge sports the look on a daily basis and employed it for her very own special occasion: her marriage to Prince William in 2011. The nation went crazy over her beautiful shiny hair and loose curls and the look has soared in popularity ever since.
British hairstyle 3: Quirky quiff
The classic quiff is a favourite hairstyle for British ladies and gentlemen alike. David Beckham regularly gives his hair some volume with a quiff, proving that this is a hairdo that all stylish Brits love.  This is a great style for the quirky characters who'd like to radiate a bit of their wacky personality but it works equally well if you're going for a demure look; simply adjust the height of your quiff depending on which look you're going for.
British hairstyle 4: Elegant chignon
As classic as it is timeless, the chignon is a popular choice for brides because it radiates elegance and femininity without going out of style. The name derives from the French phase "chignon du cou" which means "nape of the neck". Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham sported a super stylish centre-parted chignon at the British Fashion Awards 2011 where she scooped the 'Designer of the Year' award — if that doesn't pay homage to how stylish the chignon is then we don't know what does.
British hairstyle 5: Grecian braid
Beach-friendly or city chic, the Grecian braid is an impressive little 'do that can be either dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. One beauty who rocked the Grecian braid for a special occasion recently is Sienna Miller, when she looked every inch the Greek goddess at the Golden Globe awards. The style appears complicated but with a little practice, it's easy to create the catwalk look yourself.  The braid can be worn with either curly or straight hair as long as it is mid length or longer.
British hairstyle 6: Tumbling curls
Big curls are big news for Brits when it comes to show-stopping hair as they create a gorgeous full, glossy look. British beauty Kate Winslet is renowned for her big tumbling curls and wore her hair in this glamorous style during her unforgettable role as Rose in the film Titanic.
British hairstyle 7: Sexy bed hair
Bed hair was big in the 1960s and thanks to a few heated rollers, a lot of backcombing and a spritz of hairspray, it's super easy to create. Some Brits prefer to ditch the heated rollers and just give it a bit of backcombing and some wax. This just-rolled-out-of-bed look was a favourite of 1960s sex kitten Brigitte Bardot, and barely a year goes by without a celebrity or fashion designer using the Bardot barnet for themselves.
British hairstyle 8: Pretty plait
The single plait is a simple hairstyle to take the hair off your face and look like you spent a long time on it at the same time. Coleen Rooney, the glamorous wife of Manchester United footballer Wayne Rooney, stunned her fans when she stepped out sporting a plait recently. Coleen gathered her hair underneath one ear and braided it for a sexy side style to accentuate her beautiful face.
British hairstyle 9: Sleek and straight
A classic look perfect for any last-minute meltdowns before a big event, as it can be achieved in under half an hour. After a good wash and blow-dry, apply some heat protection spray and get straightening your locks, finishing with some shine mist. Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate Middleton, sports this look on a daily basis, but always makes it look special-event-worthy.
British hairstyle 10: The pixie crop
Harry Potter star Emma Watson recently made the transition from long, flowing waves to cute pixie crop — and what a transformation it made! A hairstyle like this is a sure-fire way to accentuate feminine features and give an air of sophistication. Either ruffled with some wax or kept sleek and shiny in a 1920s-esque style, this hairstyle has maximum effect when worn with a backless dress to your special event.

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