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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Did you know... about cats

Did you know... about cats

01. Cats have five fingers on each of its front legs, and only four in the rear.

02. The cat appeared on Earth before the dog and that most of the animals that have become household, however, has been one of the last to be tamed.

03. Aspirin is toxic to cats.

04. The cat has 32 muscles in each ear. In addition, they act as satellite dishes and head towards the sound source.

05. The kittens have blue eyes. It takes several months until they reach their final color.

06. The cat's nostrils are 19 million nerve endings. The man have only 5 million.

07. For the cats are identified by their nose. Human beings have unique fingerprints. The cat's nose is its "fingerprint."

08. The cat's whiskers fall out and grow back periodically. Their disappearance affects the movement and sense of orientation of the animal. Therefore, it is important not to cut.

09. Each cat has its own meow and purr. Can two cats purring with a similar but nevertheless there is always some difference.

10. Siamese spots on the legs, tail, ears, nose and mouth is where the body temperature are lower than in the party are white.

11. There is a plant that loves cats. I enjoy sublime moments ago for a few minutes. It is

12. The nepeta cataria, also called mint cats, family, thyme and lavender. Her perfume triggers a behavior in the animal, similar to that of a female in heat.

13. Tricolored cats are always females.

14. Was believed that cats were unable to distinguish colors. However, recent studies show that they can see blue, green and red.

15. The cats can not perceive sweet tastes.

16. A cat can hear sounds about two octaves higher than humans.

17. A cat has four rows of whiskers on each side of the face, when the animal is calm, remain from the side, while if you have back in a position to attack or defense.

18. The cat's tongue is comprised of small "hooks" that they are useful for catching and tearing the food.

19. Americans annually spend more money on cat food than baby food.

20. The cat's night vision is about six times better than men due to the tapetum lucidum, a structure composed of cells of the eye capable of acting as mirrors, magnifying the faintest glimmer of light.

21. Most of the cats has no eyelashes.

22. Purring does not always mean peace. The cat also purrs when he is sick or scared, and says that he does to calm himself.

23. Cats sleep 16 to 19 hours a day. But still asleep, are alert to any stimulus.
In addition to do with the nose, smell cats with an organ, called Jacobson's, located on the roof of the mouth.

24. The tail is a key organ in the balance of the cat serves as a pole in the hands of or tightrope walker.

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