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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stay safe on your first date

There is an inexplicable joy of going out on a first date, especially a blind date. But one can never be careful enough. Here are some important points you need to heed.

- Before you go out on a first date, get to know the person by talking to them, be it at your college or workplace or on the phone.

- If you are not too sure about your date, go out with a group of friends for the first few times. Also, opt for public places versus lonesome spots.

- Some good and safe first date activities include lunch with friends, going to a fun movie, a trip to the mall or an easy coffee date.

- Clearly spell out to your date what you feel comfortable doing and what time you are expected to be back home.

- Even if you don’t want to tell your parents about your first date, at least keep your close friends in the loop about who is your date, where you are going and how you can be reached. Also, no matter what, do not switch off your cell phone.

- If your first date is with someone you met off the internet, you need to be extra careful. Never tell him your home address. Instead choose a public place close to your neighbourhood, so incase you want to leave, you can find your way back home. Use your common sense and keep your guard up until you’re sure you are safe with your date.

- If you have been invited to your date’s house on the first date, don’t go. It may sound like a romantic idea, but it’s best to first meet outside, If any problem arises you won’t have anyone around to help you.

- While it’s all right to drink on a first date, keep the alcoholic drinks to a minimum. You don’t want to get yourself into a situation which makes you vulnerable nor do you want to make a bad impression on your date.

- Women should avoid dressing suggestively. It’s great to show a bit of flesh but just ensure you don’t overdo it. Remember wearing too little may suggest that you’re a little ‘easy’.

- If your date is asking too many questions or getting too friendly or making you uncomfortable, feel free to leave at anytime.

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