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Friday, August 13, 2010

BCHO architects - scissor house

seoul-based BCHO architects have finished the design of a split-level residential house on jeju island, korea. located on the southern slope of the volcanic island, 'scissor house' gets its name from the way it navigates and interacts with the steep site. the house scissors between two tiers by stepping up and folding around a entral stone wall. this formal decision not only compacts the design by pivoting the house on an axis, but allows for a small moss and stone garden in the resulting ocket space while also maintaining the natural conditions of the surrounding ngerine farm. to take advantage of the pacific breeze while still remaining eltered from the strong tropical winds, the house is oriented towards the ocean ith a low and ntinuous roof form. the sliding doors to the main living and dining space opens up the entire house to the ocean for much of the year.

to ensure that the monolithic roof survives the typhoon-prone environment, the ingle slab of concrete was re-troweled every 2-3 hours during the pouring and curing rocess, resulting in a 8-10 millimeter thick cement seal from the existing moisture. this layer will prevent future cracks from forming while keeping the structure ompletely water tight.

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