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Monday, August 16, 2010

Beautiful Eco-Friendly Wooden House Made From Special Bamboo Elements

Have you planned to build perfect summer house for your vacation? Maybe you could take some of the ideas from architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe who has designed this beautiful house.The whole house is designed to be as eco friendly as it is possible so, if you spend some time in it you’ll feel like you are living with the nature. It has been built from natural materials, mostly from wood. The facade of the building is pretty interesting, it has been built from bamboo elements and when the wind blows those elements are producing amazing sounds which should relax anyone who is in the house.I have always liked those simple light houses which remind me on Japanese traditional houses, this one is pretty similar to them. Simplicity and peaceful minimalistic design has always attracted me.?

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  1. I really like
    wooden house
    because it is more suitable for tropical environment. In addition, if properly maintained, a wooden house can be a comfortable home for its occupants for tens and even hundreds of years.


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